How To Get Wicket At Every Ball In World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)


Get Wicket on Every Ball in WCC2

The notorious and feared Leg Before Wicket is a dominant and important feature of WCC2 like real-time matches in which a judgment can be decided and challenged. Players have the limited opportunity to query the 'third umpire'. To achieve the best result adjust the batters' location before taking a swing. To always get a wicket at every ball in a WCC2 game you have to have adequate knowledge of the following as discussed below:

Master the Map!

Instead of swinging happily and wishing for the best, it is safer and more beneficial to take a fast mental observation of the map; Display on the top right screen to know if there is a gap fielding the opposition and apply the right stroke to exploit the holes. What these means is that players need to master different shots like the 'helicopter', the 'Dil-Scoop' and more! It is best to stay on the standard defensive if there is no visible way. Where most of the fielders are infield, click the loft button quickly on the right side of the screen to enable players sweeping the ball for a coveted six.

Get Wicket on Every Ball in World Cricket Championship 2

The fictitious flow and real control mechanisms are unexpectedly smooth and pleasing! The graphics and sound effects are outstanding considering the size of the download. However, the winner of the game is the experience in cricket itself. Different ball physics responds to varieties of pitches (Dead, Dusty & Green) with the power to challenge LBW judgment in which players can overwhelm themselves in the game. The availability of statistics and choice to change the lineup of batters and bowlers including the visual graphs and charts encourage the feeling of the actual cricket.

When the game becomes difficulty, follow the below steps to get a wicket at every game in WCC2:

  1. Take a fast bowler or a medium fast bowler.
  2. Change field to retreat 4.
  3. Change fielding to semi-auto.
  4. Now bowl the slowest yorker.
  5. The batsman defends it and the wicket-keeper will dive rear the batsman.
  6. Quickly, pick the ball using the bowler and throw to the wicketkeeper.
  7. The wicket-keeper will run after the running batsman.
  8. This step works only 3 times. Save, quit and reload the game. Follow the same step till all the team is out.

To get wickets easily in any match opt for a spinner and bowl over the wicket to a left side of the batsman, and round the wicket to a right side; Then bowl the ball outside the leg stump with medium-fast speed to get a clean bold.


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