Google Maps adds an overlay of COVID-19 layer to track coronavirus trends

Google Maps added new safety features to help people navigate the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. Now, Google is adding one more layer that will display COVID-19 outbreak data.

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Exclude Certain class from Spring Component-Scan

Learn how to exclude a certain class Annotated with @Component or @Service or any other annotation from Spring's component-scan

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Google Chrome's Best Security Update Coming Soon

Google is planning to restrict HTTP Form Collection from HTTPS website in Chrome 86, releasing in October. So Google Chrome will give you some warning. The primary warning looks something like this

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Amazon Interview Question: Implement a Min Stack

This is a step by step tutorial on how to approach a simple but super important question about designing a Min Stack.

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Operator Overloading in C++(For Beginners)

This a short and friendly introduction to the idea of overloading operators in C++. Explaining the why and how of things!

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Implement the Least Recently Used algorithm for Cache Optimization

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to approach the LRU cache eviction policy using Doubly Linked list and Hash maps.

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Reversing a linked list (For Beginners)

This is an easy step by step tutorial on doing the most fundamental operation on a Linked list, namely reversing it.

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Algorithm for Finding Minimum Path sum using Dynamic Programming

In this article, we will cover a famous dynamic programming question, 'Minimum Path Sum'. We have been placed at the top left corner and we need to reach the bottom right corner. There is a cost for coming to any point in the grid, so we need to find such a path that minimizes this cost

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