Why Server-less Architecture is a better option for a Software Developer?


A serverless architecture or serverless computing does not mean that there is no server, but it means that the server is owned or operated by someone else. It is a strategy of deployment and execution of your code where the backend code will run on the third party server. This serverless strategy can be quite advantageous for an App developer especially for those who work on a small scale or independently. With this, the developer can concentrate on the app development process without worrying about the server.

Why Serverless Architecture is a better option for an Software Developer

The key advantages of Serverless architecture are:


When planning for backend deployment of an app, scalability is an important factor to be considered. An application unable to handle the peak traffic does not reflect well for the application as well as the developer. With serverless architecture, you can scale horizontally and your application is able to access enough of computing power.


If the users of your app are located remotely, there can be latency issue causing a delay in interactions and loading time in case you deploy your own server. With serverless architecture, users can access the servers located closer to their geographical location and hence latency will be enhanced.


When serverless architecture is used, the developer will get more time for development as well as the deployment of the application. The developer will not have to worry about the server and can concentrate in a better way giving better execution results.

Cost Effective

Owning a server involves the acquisition of hardware, setting up the server, purchasing required software, maintaining the server. The overhead cost of electricity, support staff and cooling adds to expenses. Hence it is not a cheap offer. The serverless strategies mean that you do not have to deal with all these costs but only a small amount periodically to the owner. This also shifts all the responsibilities and risks involved in the owner of the server.

Optimized Resource Allocation

When the hassle of maintenance of the server is off your shoulders, you can focus on improving the features and user experience on your application. You will have more time to bring new innovations and features into your applications.

The serverless architecture is perfect for the small to medium level developers as it is not only cost effective but also lets the developer focus on more important things while all the hassles of the server are being handled by someone else.


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