What is Tanium?


Tanium is software which will examine and modify all such clients across an enterprise within 15 seconds, consistent with the corporate. It's already getting used by customers with quite 500,000 endpoints, and therefore the newly released Version 6.5 is meant to serve a number of the world's largest organizations, especially in the public sector, Tanium says.

What is Tanium and How it Works ?

It's more efficient and professional than hierarchical systems that need servers to see in with the multiple clients out at sting of the network, said Joes Lea, senior executive director of product management. How Tanium organizes its linear chains of devices to deliver data as quickly as possible is a component of the core technology that the corporate began to make when it was founded in 2007.

Tanium can give enterprises extra speed to help them keep up with attackers, tanium says. Once malware hops into the network, it can spread and do damage very quickly.

Tanium doesn't reach smartphones or most tablets. It's been compiled mostly for Android but isn't designed to be a (MDMP) mobile device management platform, Lea said.

A way to know what Tanium does is to seem at its natural-language query feature, a Google Search-like interface for locating out about endpoints. An administrator can type, for instance , "show all running processes" and obtain back an inventory of all the present processes on all the clients within the enterprise.

The results can instantly show that what percentage of employees are using Outlook and the way many are on Facebook, but more importantly, it can display clearly which systems have recent outdated data and vulnerable versions of software or are running processes related to known malware.

Therefore, Tanium lets managers take steps like killing process, quarantining machines or applying patches.

The recent updates also integrates Tanium with most commonly used tools for monitoring techs and managing IT infrastructure. Enterprises can feed the coverage of product's real-time information into software's that are also using CMDB (configuration management database) and SIEM (security information and event management) are also as a helpful desk systems, Tanium says.

The remake also gets into a fanatical tool for managing latest software updates and licenses across all over the enterprises, with enhancement including better flexible scheduling for relative patches and good reporting, Lea said.


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