Six new features coming to your Android phone


To make Android phones easier to use and safer, Google has started rolling out six new features to most Android phones starting February 23, 2021. 

Check out the below details for what's new in your Android phone:-

  1. Improved Talkback - To make Android more accessible to blind people, Google has introduced intuitive gestures, a unified menu, and more to the app. To try out additional controls, a Braille keyboard download the latest version of the TalkBack app.
  2. Dark mode in Google Map - Dark mode theme is now supported in Google map with just toggle of a button.
  3. Password checkup for account safety - Using Autofill you can save your password to your Google account. Next time use your password using Autofill, Google checks if it is compromised or not and accordingly sends you an alert to take necessary action. This is feature is available only on Android 9 & above.
  4. Convenience to use Google Assistant - To bring the ease, Assistant will work even device is locked with command such as play music, set message etc.
  5. Scheduled Message - Starting Android 7 & above, now Message app allow to deliver message at selected point of time. Just write a message then hold & press SEND button to select desired future time and you are done, message will be sent at the scheduled time.
  6. Shortcuts & custom background for Android Auto - On Android 6 & above, now you can have shortcuts on the launch screen for much more convenience. Also, we can able to personalize the background with custom wallpapers.

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