Redgear A-15 Wired Gaming Mouse With RGB


At first glance, the Redgear A15 appears to be a real gaming mouse from a distance. The all-black design and RGB lighting are appealing and provide a Gamer vibe. The build quality is excellent, with a high-grade plastic exterior casing that feels fantastic.

Let's look at some of the mouse's other characteristics. The top surface is smooth and pleasant to the touch, and I adore that this mouse can be used with either palm or claw. Yes, this mouse's ergonomic design makes it suitable for a wide range of users.

The mouse's sides are covered with textured rubber, ensuring a precise grip when taking the headshot. The two programmable buttons are on the left side, where they are easy to reach with your thumbs.

The textured scroll wheel and two additional buttons to raise and reduce the DPI on the fly are sandwiched between the primary and secondary buttons. I'm not complaining about the absence of side-scroll and accessible spin functions on the scroll wheel, given the price tag. The buttons and scroll wheel appear to be of high condition. When you push them, you receive a satisfying clicking sound. The button location is likewise superb, with the buttons being easily accessible but difficult to misclick.

When it comes to RGB lighting, the Redgear A15 takes the cake. The mouse has a 16.8 million color customization option, which is rather impressive for a mouse in this price range. Configuration Software allows you to alter the color and lighting effects quickly. I enjoy the breathing sensation, which appears to be quite gratifying. You may also disable RGB lights via the software if you despise them for whatever reason.

You'll find a decent option to play with inside the software. You may tinker with the button configuration and DPI settings on the first tab. Here you may customize button control based on your needs, as well as change DPI. The Redgear A15 features a 4800dpi gaming optical sensor with six speeds to choose from, ranging from 200 to 4800 DPI.

This mouse has an excellent overall build quality and provides a reasonable degree of comfort. But I'd like to point out that it weighs a bit more than average (150g), which isn't excessive, but it's worth noting because many gamers like a light mouse. So, if you're one of them, don't bother with this mouse.


  • DPI settings
  • 16.8 million color customization option
  • Two programmable buttons
  • High-grade plastic build


  • Low-Quality Connection Wire


In the end, we believe the Redgear A20 Gaming Mouse is a fantastic affordable choice for beginners and casual gamers. There's a lot to appreciate about this mouse, like the customizable buttons, smooth RGB illumination, and so on. Even the setting software is designed to be simple for newcomers so that you can spend more time gaming and less time fiddling. And then there's the issue of cost. Yes, the price may seem higher than you should pay for a gaming mouse when there are cheaper choices available, such as the Logitech G402. Overall, the Redgear A20 is unquestionably the most acceptable purchase option. Buy Redgear A-15 Wired Gaming Mouse With RGB


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