Oppo F9 Pro Problems and Its Solutions


Oppo F9 Pro is well known in the market for its awesome features and camera specifications that it provides. It is safe to say that this mobile phone sure challenges OnePlus phones in the camera segment.

However, like all other phones, this phone has been reported to have some common issues – the fixes of which we will be providing here.

  1. Oppo F9 Pro Unexpectedly Shutting Down:
  2. If you find that your Oppo phone is unexpectedly shutting down, you can follow these methods to fix it:

    • Charge the phone fully and let the battery drain and the phone shut down on its own.
    • Address any over-heating issue that has been persistent with the phone.
    • Make a backup of all the data and then perform a factory reset on the phone.


Oppo F9 Pro: Most Common Issues & Problems - Its Solution Fix and TIPS & TRICKS

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  1. Oppo F9 Pro Screen Freezes:
  2. If the screen of your Oppo F9 Pro phone seems to be stuck or frozen for a long time, you can try these methods:

    • Check if you are facing this issue with just one app (for example, Instagram). If it is so, you can update the app or uninstall it, depending upon your choice.
    • Alternatively, you can go to Settings, then tap on Apps, then Default Apps and clear the cache of the app you are facing an issue with. Then reboot the phone.
    • Lastly, you can also opt for a factory reset if the issue persists.


  1. Oppo F9 Pro Sudden Crashes of Apps and Games:
  2. This issue can be resolved by any of the following methods:

    • Go to the Settings and then tap on Apps. Select the app which is crashing the most and clear its data.
    • Uninstall and then reinstall the app.
    • Alternatively, try updating the app from the play store.


  1. Oppo F9 Pro Bluetooth Not Connecting:
    • First of all, make sure your phone’s software is updated to the latest version.
    • Try turning on and off the Bluetooth a few times.

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