Jetpack compose for Android released into Beta on February 24, 2021


Jetpack compose is a new UI toolkit aimed to build native android apps much easier & faster by reducing the boilerplate code by making use of modern and declarative Kotlin APIs. Beta release makes it a stable build, so it can be used in existing apps for new features even for production starting from the end of this year. 

Following are new features, which are part of the beta release: - 

  1. Ease to use Animations
  2. Coroutines support for Async operations
  3. Ability to embed compose in views & vice-versa
  4. Ease of testing
  5. More easy support for Theming
  6. Accessibility support
  7. Material UI components
  8. Real-time update for UI changes

Beta release is more focused on providing API to developers to play around with compose and provide more feedback, stable 1.0 release can be expected with improved app performance. If you want to try compose beta then download the latest canary build of Android Studio Artic Fox.


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