iOS 14.5 Beta 2 Release & Features


Apple launched iOS 14 in September 2020 which has gone through 6 iterations and recently released iOS 14.5 beta 2. We can expect the final release of 14.5 coming in March.

Let's take the update on the latest version:- 

  1. Unlock iPhone while wearing a face mask - With new challenges coming with the covid-19 pandemic it was difficult to unlock iPhone using Face ID with face mask on but now with the latest version you can. But the only downside of it you need an Apple watch to do so :(
  2. Privacy change - This is an update to 14.3, now the app needs to take user permission before collecting user data.
  3. New emojis - for emojis lovers, Apple has now added 200 more emojis.
  4. Dual-SIM support - With iPhone 12, users can able to activate digital eSIM to have additional lines on the same phone.
  5. Emergency calling through Siri - Now users can use Siri to call 911. To avoid false alarms, users get a 3-second countdown dialog to cancel the request.
  6. Able to change default music player - Now you can set the music player of your choice as the default one.
  7. New shortcuts - has added new shortcuts like "Take screenshot", "Orientation Lock".
  8. Bug fixes for display issue on previous release.

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