How To Merge Pdf Files On Windows PC & Mac Without Installing Software


How To Merge Pdf Files On Windows PC & Mac Without Installing Software

The concept of merging PDFs is increasing every day. Organizing documents and work-related files is not an easy job, even if they are saved in digital formats.

Have you ever thought of renaming and locking hundreds of PDF files saved in your local storage? If not, then know that it is a very hectic and time taking job.

Most businesses hire assistants for the sole purpose of arranging their files in a well-organized manner. Know that hiring a resource for the sole purpose of file organization is unnecessary and can be a big expense for a business or startup plan.

Today there are easy methods that you can use to merge multiple pdf files into one whole document. Adobe Acrobat is a famous PDF branded application that provides multiple tools that can be used for manipulating PDF files and content.

But you must know that these kinds of software programs are paid for, and you need to install them on your device.

If your storage space is already full and the RAM of your device cannot manage additional software programs, then you should not add more burden to it. Instead, what you should do is take the digital route.

Today you can use a powerful PDF merger tool for combining multiple PDF files without worrying about any installation or petty restrictions. Here in this post, we are going to explain how to use a pdf merger on your PC or Mac.

Easy Way to Merge PDF On PC and Mac for Businesses & Individuals

As we have mentioned earlier, there are tons of ways using which you can combine two or more PDF files together. But in this post, we are going to explain the simplest way to merge as many files as you want in order to streamline the process of file management.

PDF Merger Tool – Best Solution to Combine PDF

Online PDF merger tool like is a pretty handy option as compared to the other available options, and there are many reasons to support this point which you will understand after reading this section.

The pdf merger tool is an online-based utility. This means that you can use it as long as you have a web connection and a browser. You don’t have to worry about installing and running a new program on your device once you start using the online tool.

To merge pdf files with the online tool, all you need is a browser in which you have to operate the tool. There are no restrictions as to what devices the tool can be used on. You can use pdf merge on your windows powered PC; it can be used on Mac and, surprisingly, on mobile devices too!

You just have to search for the best pdf merger on the browser of your respective device and wait for the results from Google. You would get hundreds of relevant tools in the search results.

Now we would always suggest you go with the free and top-rated ones as they might be more accurate and accommodating.

How to Use a PDF Merger Tool?

People usually get confused when they hear the term tool. This is because there are many tools indexed on Google which have a complicated interface and are not at all easy to use.

Well, you don’t have to worry about this problem when you are using the digital PDF binder tool. As we have told you before, you can find hundreds of different options in the search results of your browser.

But the interesting thing is that the majority of merging utilities have the same functionality. If you have never used an online merger before, then don’t worry; it would be quite easy to operate it.

Below we have mentioned the simple steps using which you can combine PDFs on your PC and Mac.

Simple Steps to Bind PDF

  • Open the browser on your PC or Safari on your Mac. Search for PDF combiner and navigate to the tool which intrigues you the most.
  • Now on the PDF merger, you are going to find input options. You can upload two or more two PDF files from your local storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, and also via URL.
  • Once you provide all the input files in the tool, you can easily sort them with the drag and drop feature. You can arrange the pages or the files in the order you want to combine them.
  • Once the sorting is done, click on the ‘merge pdf’ button and wait for the results.

Within ten seconds, you would get a merged document containing all the input files. This is how easy and simple it is to merge pdf files on any of your devices today.

Three Benefits of Using Online PDF Merger Over a Premium Software

If you are wondering why you should use a merger tool instead of installing permanent software on your desktop or Mac, then you should read the few benefits we have highlighted here:

  1. PDF Merger Tool Is Available for Free
  2. The biggest advantage of using the online pdf binder vs. the software program is that it is available for free, and it is going to stay that way forever.

    The online tool doesn’t ask you for a single penny, so you can combine a complete clutter of files for free and without any manual assistance.

  3. PDF Merger Tool Is Extremely Easy to Use
  4. Using software programs is not easy. They have complicated layouts, and you need to spend time learning how to use them.

    This can be avoided with the online pdf merger as it is simple and easy to use. You can merge as many pdf files as you want like an expert, even if you are using the tool for the first time.

  5. PDF Merger Tool Poses No Limitations
  6. Even the highest-paid software program is going to limit the number of files you can merge in a day. But there are no limitations or restrictions to the use of the online tool.

    You can bind as many files as you want in a day. You don’t even have to make an account to use the combiner. You can access the tool as a guest user, bind files and forget about it!

    These are some of the most important benefits as to why we would suggest users use an online PDF merger instead of a paid software program on their PC or Mac!



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