Google got sued for violating antitrust laws


On 20 Oct, 2020, the internet giant Google came to a rude awakening after they found out that the United States Department of Justice suing them for allegedly violating antitrust laws.

The justice department of America along with eleven other state Attorneys General filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against the Tech powerhouse Google in the U.S District Court. According to the plaintiffs, Google should stop unlawfully maintaining monopolies through controlling and exclusionary practices in the field of online search and online search advertising marketing in order to kill their competition in the market.

As stated by the Department of Justice, the American based firm has accounted for around 90 percent of all searches in the U.S and the company has opted anticompetitive strategies to uphold and extend its monopolies in the world of online search & search advertisement. The objection utters that Google has gone into chains of exclusionary settlements that jointly lock up the prime opportunities through which users’ access online search engines. Hence, the billions of people all around the world is compelled to preset Google as their default search engine in their computing devices which ultimately gives power to the company to play dirty against their competitors even sometimes by prohibiting pre installation of any other competitor in the market.

However, the computing giant Google sharply denies the allegation put against them by the Justice Department. The company says that the lawsuit itself has deep flaws and won’t help in any sort of way to bring any kind of control in the world of online search engines. According to the Google, the main point is that the people don’t use Google not because they have no other options but they use it because they choose to. Reminding us all that this is not a 90’s old dial up era where changing of services were so slow and difficult. Today people can easily download their choice of applications or change their default settings literally in no time. Therefore Google denies the allegation based on the fact that it is much easier than ever before to change your subscription and services without any hassle. So the idea that any company can create a monopoly in today’s online market place is just not only impractical but it is also ridiculous.

Well, as of now the suit will be conducted by the District Court and series of allegations against the Google will be deeply examined and the time will only tell whether the Google has actually involved in any of the alleged illegal tactics to create a monopoly in the world of search engine.


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