Google Chrome: Our Favourite Browser Might Be In Big Trouble


The government of United States of America is on attempt to steer the Google's internet supremacy, with Chrome and Android is in the shooting line.

Google chrome is one of the best browsers out there in the online market. The dominance of chrome is well known all round the world. One of the major sources of income for Google is without any uncertainty is its top of the line browser: Chrome, but this might change soon. Google may be enforced to sell off some of the most famous parts of its business, and that might include Google’s Chrome browser, under plans haggard up by the US Government. Representatives at the US Justice Department are at this time drawing together an anti-trust case along with many other state prosecuting attorneys concerning Google's apparent domination of several online marketplaces, considering that the company has acquired too much power. Multiple sources have now claimed that under some of the most dramatic plans being considered, Google could be forced to sell or lay off unwillingly some parts of its advertising business, or even its Chrome browser. 

The internet giant Google has been facing charges about market supremacy in the States for a while now, with both government and state supervisory body long eyeballing up the company along with Google’s online giant rivals like  Amazon and Facebook. Such anti- trust assertions that particular big companies have an imbalanced dominance in one specific area, with their origins in breaking up business colossuses in the past Century. Google being wound up in this specific fire for supposedly trapping the online search market, which competitors have said is being unethical, braced through its advertising business and software offering like Chrome and the Android OS.

The Justice Department of America is rumored to have been formulating a suit against Google for quite a while now, with the new proposals of retailing off or splitting up the company showing just how serious the case could become. However, there are no comments either from Google or the Department of Justice yet, but rumors put forward that the Justice Department could file its case within days. Chrome is by far the most popular web browser out there, but it has had to answer to shifting user assertiveness towards privacy and security. Google declared in January that it would stop using third-party cookies in its browser, which could be used to track user activities online, within the next two years. Well as a user and a fan of Google chrome, we just hope that our favorite browser remains at our disposal regardless of how this suit will turn out to be.


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