Global iPhone 11 Sales Pumped in Q4 2019 – Latest Gadgets


Sales increased across Europe, the US, Japan, and Australia. 24.3% of all new iPhone smartphones shipped during the Q4 period in the five major European markets (Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy).

Global iPhone 11 Sales Pumped in Q4 2019 – Latest Gadgets

Acc. To Kantar Group iPhone Sales Grow In European and Japanese Market

According To Kantar Group iPhone Sales Grow In European and Japanese Market But Suffer In US and China iPhone market share made gains in all five of the biggest European markets — France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK — with an average increase of two percentage, from 16.9% to 18.9%.

The iPhone 11 accounted for an estimated 10% of all smartphone shipments by Apple during the period in Europe and the US, which is more than double the share of the iPhone XR during the same period last year. Kantar analysts note that Samsung’s change in strategy help Galaxy A and increase the sale as compared to last year. Flagships like Note and S series doing quite well in the US Market.

In Europe, Xiaomi shipment increased by 7.2% as compared to last year. The Chinese manufacturer takes a share of 14.2%. However, Huawei lost 4.4 percentage points. Samsung and Apple are still the market leaders but the third spot will likely be occupied by Xiaomi soon based on the current forecast.

Huawei and Honor still hold a firm hold a gigantic share in the Chinese market with a combined market share of 44.2%. But Apple lost its market share in China because of China- USA controversy.

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