How to convert the number into Characters in a sentence using C++


In this tutorial we will learn how can we convert numbers in characters using C++ program. The main motive of this program is when a user give an integer input this program will convert all the numbers into characters individually.

How to convert the number into Characters in a sentence using C++

The best part of this program is you will learn about while loop and switch statement of C++ program. First we take an user input which will be integer data type and then the while loop will run twice to get every number of the input individually. Then the switch statement will execute and we need to define the numbers from 0-9 with the character. Thus the program can able to convert the number in character.

C++ Program For Converting Number in Characters

#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { long int n,sum=0,r; cout<<"Enter the Number= "; cin>>n; while(n>0) { r=n%10; sum=sum*10+r; n=n/10; } n=sum; while(n>0) { r=n%10; switch(r) { case 1: cout<<"one "; break; case 2: cout<<"two "; break; case 3: cout<<"three "; break; case 4: cout<<"four "; break; case 5: cout<<"five "; break; case 6: cout<<"six "; break; case 7: cout<<"seven "; break; case 8: cout<<"eight "; break; case 9: cout<<"nine "; break; case 0: cout<<"zero "; break; default: cout<<"Please Enter Valid Number "; break; } n=n/10; } }


Enter the Number= 742 seven four two

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