Benefits of AI in Android Mobile App Development in 2020


Among all the emerging technologies in the recent past, AI has most seriously impacted on Android Mobile App Development. It is playing a key role to bring success to the business. Artificial Intelligence enables Android developers to ensure a smooth user experience.

Benefits of AI in Android Mobile  App Development in 2020

Executing the order of customers based on voice commands is one of the popular usages of AI on Android Mobile App Development. In this manner the apps developed using AI technology will behave as a mediator between the service provider and end-user to easily do particular tasks with zero human involvement.

Artificial Intelligence Benefits Android Mobile App Development in the following manner:

Secure Payment with Mobile

AI’s pattern detecting algorithm will be useful in reducing security threats significantly thereby eliminating any type of online fraud and attack by hackers to steal confidential data. In this manner, AI will be helpful in completely safeguarding confidential information shared during online payment, credit card credentials's and more such sensitive data of the user.

Constant Communication

The traditional model of customer service was not good enough to respond to customers 24/7. Now AI-enabled Android apps will help service providers to respond to customer concerns in a quick manner due to the implementation of AI-backed chatbots and personal assistants.

Personalized Experience

Artificial Intelligence will let the users have a personalized app experience and access the data collected from different sources in a single place. The app will suggest users based on their previous behavior.


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