AppleCare+ monthly plans are now available in Canada, Australia and Japan


AppleCare monthly plans are now available in Canada, Australia and Japan

Applecare+ monthly payments was first rolled out last year, but so far the service has been limited to to US. Now, Apple is expanding the program abroad to three new countries: Canada, Australia and Japan (via MacRumors).

AppleCare+ will extend your regular warranty and includes accidental damage coverage too. As in the US, the lump-sum plan is initially limited to 24 months (or 36 months if you also own an Apple Watch Edition or Hérmes), whereas the monthly plan renews indefinitely every month until you cancel it. However, the single payment option is cheaper than the monthly plan over the two- or three-year period. (All of that is a generalization, as many terms and conditions apply).

Customers who already paid for AppleCare+ can extend it by purchasing the monthly plan, with prices varying depending on the device and country. The monthly plans are now live, according to the AppleCare+ pages in Australia and Canada.

The latest iPhones and iPads will show you an AppleCare+ signup prompt right there near the top of Settings, if you're still eligible. You can tap on it to see how many days are remain, and purchase AppleCare+ (with or without Loss and Theft protection) right on your device.


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