Apple Watch Series 6: A Revolutionary Tech For Peoples Health


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In today’s time where the people are concerned about their health and wellbeing’s especially after this corona pandemic hit the world in the most devastating way. Big tech companies are coming out with different solutions in the technology department to give people some type of relief in these difficult times. For instance, the technology giant Apple is introducing its new series of Smart watches: Series 6, “they called it”. But unlike anything else they have introduced in the past, this watch is different. Not only this apple’s new addition to the technology of their smart watch is different but it's revolutionary when it comes to the work that has been put on this technology by the company keeping people’s health in mind.Fitness is what people are striving for now more than ever and one of the prominent tech that people use today to keep themselves in check is through fitness watches. Watches that measure your precise health measurement.That’s why Apple is adding a high technology sensor to their upcoming smart watch. But this is not any ordinary sensors, this sensor tells you how much oxygen is in your blood with a very high level of accuracy.

The upcoming Apple Watch's key feature is not, for the most part, noticeable to anybody who is wearing it. Perhaps in the dark, your wrist might glow red, reflecting a beam of light shining out of the Watch that is measuring your blood. Apple’s Watch uses that radiance to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. And, the company hopes, that measurement could provide revolutionary ways of understanding your own wellbeing.

That red kind of glow comes from LEDs on the backend of the smart watch, which gleam out, through your skin and into the blood. This ground breaking sensor consists of photodiodes that can measure the amount of light which returned back – the brighter the blood, the more oxygen it is carrying – and processing those measurements into algorithms that provide the level of oxygen in your blood pretty accurately.

Tim Cook, The CEO of Apple said in 2019 that – when people gaze back from an unreal future at the work his company involved in – he believed Apple's greatest impact to mankind would be "about health". It was a daring claim for a company that takes a pride itself on essentially having changed the way people interact with the iPhone, and other technologies but never the less  it was an indication of where Mr. Cook's main concern are.

Surely the new series 6 Apple’s watch is the clear example of that yet. Meanwhile the Smart Watch does have all the other advances and new features that are of the kind you would normally expect to have from a technology company – a great faster processor, the brightest screen but it's the Photodiodes oxygen sensor that ruled the headlines among the tech enthusiast.


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