Apple Might Be Presenting, For The Very First Time Its Arm-Based Macs With Apple Silicon Likely On November 17, 2020


During the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2020) which took place in June, Apple had laid an idea that it will be transitioning from the traditional Intel based chips that they are using currently to power their entire Mac to Apple Silicon.

A rumor around the corner is that Apple is planning a special event for Nov 17, 2020 to launch its ARM chip powered Mac desktops. As per the tipster Jon Prosser, the company will host an ARM mac event probably next month, where Apple could launch its ARM-powered Mac desktops finally replacing its traditional Intel powered processors.

Similar to the x86 processors from Intel or AMD, ARM based designs are more commonly linked with mobile devices because of their superior power efficiency & performance, giving products like the iPad and iPhone extended battery life without any need for active cooling.

By opting to ARM-based chipsets and not depending on Intel for CPUs, The American technology giant Apple could save as much as 40 to 60 %, as per the media reports.

These latest CPUs (Central Processing Unit) are most likely to add more hardware variation options to the Apple’s Mac over Microsoft’s Windows desktops. This would defiantly assist particularly the company like Apple to cut down their prices significantly, especially for their low-end laptops and devices. Furthermore, the company would start relaying mainly on the USB4 standard which is designed to unite USB Type-C & Thunderbolt protocols to yield out their new computing experiences as well as faster data transfer.


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