FINALLY!! : Apple has announced its biggest event of the year



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The smartphone giants Apple’s biggest event of the year is coming on Oct. 13. All Apple’s fans and technology enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for this event to unfold as people are expecting to witness the showcase of new iPhone’s rumored new 5G capabilities with the boxier look, resembling iPad Pro.   

Apple has declared the date for the release of their latest products. One of the new device is rumored to be named the iPhone 12, is expected to have superfast 5G wireless connectivity and a new iPad-inspired design, and it will be showcased to public on Oct.13. However, there is no official announcement regarding the price of phone by the company. Similar to the Apple's global Developers Conference, and its September Apple Watch and iPad announcements, this iPhone event will be also held entirely online. The event will be streamed live through Apple's own website.

As the days are coming closer and closer to the Apple’s recently announced event people are very excited about their latest rumored smartphone “iPhone12”. This 5G capable Apple’s next flagship level smartphone is not only the sole product that has grabbed people’s attention but, there are series of different products & features that company is about to introduce for the very first time. Some of the most talked about technologies includes:

  • AirTags : A rumored alternative to Tile-style trackers which remains a very appreciated product, but if it shows up before the end of this year, it could be a great reasonably priced stocking stuffer which fans of Apple actually want to see it happing in the coming event.

  • AirPods Studio: Apple's latest over the top headphones have been heavily rumored for sometimes now. And the rumor is becoming more and more prominent as Apple removed rival headphones and wireless speakers from its online and brick-and-mortar stores, which many people thinks as an evidence for the headphone-related announcement. The AirPods Studio is supposedly to have noise cancellation and a sensor to detect whether they're on our head or resting on our neck.

  • Apple TV: All Apple TV fans seem to be storming toward the Apple TV Plus service, which will now be available in the Apple One subscription bundle. But that doesn't mean we should overlook about the Apple TV hardware box. The existing Apple TV set-top box has been around since 2017, which is bumpily forever in tech terms. With people stuck at home during this Corona pandemic and streaming more content than ever, perhaps an updated boxcould show up later in 2020.

  • HomePod: The Apple HomePodis a top of a line smart speaker by the company but when it came out first in 2018, it was very costly pricing a substantial $350. Now days you can find it on sale every now and then for around $200. We've been imagining similar and less-expensive model for quite a while now. Buzz around the product is that Apple could be imparting information about HomePod on 13 event.

At last, Apple fans and people in general are really looking forward to this Apple’s event that is scheduled to be happening on 13th of this month. Only after the event we can sum up the Apple’s intention regarding its products and what to expect from them in the near and distant future. As the completion on the market is growing day by day with the amazing products coming out from the Apple’s counterparts like Samsung, Microsoft and Google people are really waiting for this event as an statement by the Apple as what their intentions are in this cut throat competition of Information technology.


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