Algorithm and Flowchart for Subtraction of Two Matrix


In matrix Subtraction, one row element of first matrix is individually subtracted with corresponding column elements i.e. for 1st element at Position[0,0], the subtraction of first Matrix's Position[0,0] will be subtracted with Second Matrix's Position[0,0]. Let's see this in Mathematical equation, if A and B are the Matrix entered by user and we are storing subtraction in Matrix C, then

for Position[0,0]: C[0,0]=A[0,0]-B[0,0] for Position[0,1]: C[0,1]=A[0,1]-B[0,1]
Similarly we perform subtraction of each element for corresponding Position.

Flowchart for Matrix Subtraction

Flowchart for Subtraction of Two Matrix
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Pseudocode for Matrix Subtraction

Step 1: Start Step 2: Declare matrix A[r][c] // Matrix 1; and matrix B[r][c] // Matrix 2; and matrix C[r][c]; r= no. of rows, c= no. of columns Step 3: Read r, c, A[][] and B[][] Step 4: Declare variable i=0, j=0 Step 5: Repeat until i < r 5.1: Repeat until j < c C[i][j]=A[i][j] - B[i][j] Set j=j+1 5.2: Set i=i+1 Step 6: C is the required matrix after subtraction Step 7: Stop

In the above algorithm,

  • We first define 3 matrices A, B, C and read their respective row and column numbers in variable r and c
  • Read matrices A and B (Here Matrix B will be subtracted from Matrix A).
  • First, start a loop for getting row elements of A and B
  • Secondly, inside it again start a loop for column of A and B
  • Then, we store their corresponding subtraction by formula: C[i][j]=A[i][j] - B[i][j].
  • When the loop ends for all rows and columns, the result will be stored in Matrix C[i][j]

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