What's the Hardest Truth of life?


Life is completely unpredictable. The hardest truth about life is that most of it is based on a bunch of lies that we keep telling ourselves to live through it. Below are Some Hardest Truth of Life:

hardest truth of life everyone should know
  1. Failures are the part of life.
  2. Everyone is wearing a mask.
  3. MONEY kills relationships.
  4. Your loved ones(friends and family) will make you weak.
  5. You're an average for the world but SPECIAL for your parents.
  6. Everyone lies.
  7. People You Love Will Hurt You.
  8. You Cannot Change The Past
  9. Your Best friend may never again be your best friend.
  10. Time begins becoming the most valuable commodity. It will treat you like shit if you treat it cheaply.
  11. You'll realize that success/achievement is not that easy after all. It's that difficult. You would be tempted to give up on your dreams and live an average life. Don't do it.
  12. You'll understand that multi-tasking is not beneficial. You start focusing on one big goal/day rather than 10 small goals/day. You'll learn to differentiate between being productive and being busy.
  13. You'll realize that you can't be friends with everybody.
  14. Nothing lasts forever.
  15. No one cares about you.
  16. Your fake friends and relatives will not want you to have a superior life or do better than them.
  17. Money and looks has the potential to earn respect, friends, social status and fame.
  18. The world is only interested in what it can get from you.
  19. Happiness is overrated.
  20. Life is unfair
  21. So called degrees/certificates are more important than the real wisdom and skills.
  22. Expectations always hurt
  23. Everyone is a somewhat selfish
  24. People don't notice the things we do for them. Until we stop doing them
  25. Expectation hurts
  26. Pain is inevitable in life - suffering is optional
  27. You only control a amount of what happens around you
  28. You can always be replaced by a better one
  29. None rewards efforts - only results are rewarded
  30. Every good, beautiful thing ends eventually
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