Ways to Stay Happy No Matter What Happens


Express yourself joy gets doubled and sorrow is halved

We are happy when things happen as per our expectations, when something happens in our favor or when we are with people who are very important for us or whom we like spending our time with.

But When things go wrong and we find no one is with us in the most difficult conditions of life we start feeling sad, which finally kills our positivity.

But did you ever thought what is Happiness? Is there any way to stay Happy and Positive all day long? Here are some tips we recommended to always stay Happy in Life:

  1. Fun hobby:
  2. Fun hobby

    Become a Singer, Dancer, Join wrestling, play any outdoor or indoor game you like. Make this your daily routine and seperate it from your normal life. This habit will act as a shelter, when something bad happens in your life.

  3. Express yourself:
  4. Express yourself joy gets doubled and sorrow is halfed

    Don't try to keep everything to yourself, start expressing yourself even it is good or bad. Remember when you express things with others, if it's a joy it gets doubled and if it is a sorrow, it is reduced to half.

  5. Expect Nothing:
  6. Expect Nothing

    We always expect something from others, who may or may not be interested in us. So stop expecting from others, just do what you like. If you expect nothing, whatever occurs cannot fail to meet your expectations; thus you will never be disappointed.

  7. Give happiness to others:
  8. Give happiness to others

    Believe me or not! This works the best. Every religion teaches us to help needy people and spread happiness. So try giving the happiness to others and it will come back to you as well. Donating as much as you can and making others smile is a great way to feel good. Smile and it will radiate a positive energy around you.

  9. Always appreciate yourself:
  10. Always appreciate yourself

    Always try to stay happy with what you have in your life and take time to appreciate things you have in your life. Remember money is not everything, don't run for it. You might be having many things, which others cannot afford to have.

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