Twitter For Digital Marketing


Who could tell us in the year 2000 that there will be social media which could turn into advertising media? Nobody. Even I individually couldn’t tell. This has been more speak able with twitter.

Twitter Marketing Strategy for Business

When it was launched onto the market, it’s reception was like, “I can use this to connect to my friends and work place colleagues.” And it was. People took to its advantage to socialize and share life enticing events. Now, recently it was realized this type of social media could be used to notify potential customers of commodities where and how they can access commodities.

In this wrap up, we provide the most recent and advanced ways twitter can be used to advertise and sell commodities.

  1. Add and follow function
  2. If someone is keen while using twitter, he or she will realize that on home page there’s follow button. This is the button commonly known to add and follow individuals on their and your twitter network. With this function we currently persuade individuals to follow the named twitter account, and if they do so, they’ll have double number of followers on their twitter accounts. Formally I believed it was a myth, but practically I’ve seen it work. Having many followers, you can freely send tweets and reach potential buyers of commodities any time.

  3. Creating a Twitter Account Business page.
  4. With a twitter business page, a product dealer can reach customers of commodities when need to sell them arise. Just as it’s the case with facebook, it’s the same case with twitter. You’ll need to attend business seminars and conferences to give details of your twitter account for customers to reach out. By so doing your business will turn potential visitors into business leads.

  5. Brief Pictorial Tweets.
  6. Twitter itself doesn’t have a capacity to write wordy messages. It’s therefore advisable to brief messages, if possible a picture with two or three words. Some people do not have time to read messages, thus pictures will convey message easily to them and also save their time in reading tweets.

These are the easy to do ways, also very basic for everyone to ensure your business flourish at no extra cost. Try them from today.


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