The smart key generation with iTwin


The major drawback of USB flash drives is its size, due to the small size it can easily misplace. Also, there is no security and limited storage space is available. iTwin is a revolutionary USB device which provides the limitless storage and it enables users to access and share the files or data in any remote computer. The only limitation is the hard drive of the user computer. With the help of iTwin, you can easily access any remote files with security and privacy. There are installation issues you can easily use iTwin. iTwin is based on the AES 256 bit encryption algorithm. Its unique features like no temp files, win trust authentication, password, key generations certainly makes it best USB device.

What is an iTwin?

iTwin is the remote access and file sharing device. This device is developed by iTwin. It is very simple to use like a flash drive but it is more secure. Its operation is like plug and play. You can access all your important data like office folders, files etc from anywhere. iTwin acts like a connector for every remote computer. There is enough inbuilt storage in iTwin, the only limitation is the size of the hard drive of your computer and internet connectivity.


Software requirements:

  • Recommended RAM size is 512MB to 1 GB.
  • 15 MB hard-disk space
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Requires internet access

How to use iTwin?

First, you have connected iTwin then you will see pop up window like in the case of USB flash drive. Now drag and drop folders or data file in this window. You can edit, share and access data file of the remote computer with iTwin.

Unique Features

  1. Smart key generation

  2. The algorithm generates random 256-bit AES key during the working of two iTwins together when they are plugged in. Smart key generation is responsible for generating Smart Crypto key which encrypts all the user's data before sending.

  3. No Temp Files

  4. When you will unplug iTwin then all temp files will be deleted automatically, this keeps your data secure while accessing the remote computer

  5. Password support

  6. The iTwin password is not stored on the server and any password can be used. Even if you forget the password you can easily set the new password without any tech support.




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