Insertion Sort Algorithm in Python


In this article, you will find a simple Insertion Sort algorithm in Python.

What is Insertion Sort?

Refer this article for full definition and Algorithm on Insertion SortAlgorithm and Pseudocode for Insertion Sort

Insertion Sort Algorithm in Python

Problem Statements:

Write an Insertion Sort program in Python.


Program for Insertion Sort Algorithm in Python.


def insertionsort(alist): for each in range(1,len(alist)): current_value = alist[each] position = each while position > 0 and alist[position-1] > current_value: alist[position] = alist[position-1] position = position - 1 alist[position] = current_value return alist if __name__ == '__main__': num = int(raw_input("Enter total numbers which you are going to entered ")) nlist = [] while num > 0: no = raw_input("Enter the number") nlist.append(no) num = num - 1 result = insertionsort(nlist) print result


Enter total numbers which you are going to entered 5 Enter the number8 Enter the number5 Enter the number1 Enter the number3 Enter the number7 ['1', '3', '5', '7', '8']


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