PiPMode Feature Rolls Out Completely for Whatsapp Web


Whatsapp has released a Whatsapp web version that supports PiP mode for the videos shared from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The feature was previously launched only for the shared videos in December 2018. The features let the users of Whatsapp Web switch between the chats and send messages while watching the video.

The messaging platform owned by Facebook has been testing out new features like Dark mode, Fingerprint protected chats, etc. However, the app is used mostly on mobile devices, but the company has launched a new feature for a few users who use the desktop application.

PiPMode Feature Rolls Out for Completely for Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp is rolling out a new update for the desktop application with new Picture in Picture feature for the videos hosted by other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Although the feature is already present in the mobile applications, the new feature for the Whatsapp Web users will let them watch the videos while they can chat or check other messages.

How it will work?

The new feature is included in the Whatsapp Web’s latest 0.3.2041 version. With this feature in the new feature, once the user receives the link or video, the application will show a preview when chat is opened. When tapped on the video or the link, it will automatically open in Picture in Picture mode. The desktop app users can then be able to switch to other chats without closing the video and hence they can continue to chat while they can enjoy the video.

While, there is a cautionary note that the users will have to wait for few seconds before they could send the link or video to others, during this time, the Whatsapp will load a preview thumbnail of the video. If the preview is not allowed to load, the video will not open in the PiP mode.

What else is in the Update?

The update also includes new improvements and security fixes. While the update will automatically be loaded in the Whatsapp Web, this new update can also be forced to load by clearing the cache of your browser.

Apart from this, Whatsapp is also reported to bring new dark mode just like Twitter, Google Maps and YouTube for iOS and Android platform very soon.


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