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Since the release of Tencent of PUBG on the mobile version, everyone has stuck to his or her mobile screen, from one chicken dinner to another. While PUBG on PC is infamous for its poor performance, the mobile version is rather optimized and runs on almost all recent devices. If you're using an older device, you likely face occasional stuttering and frame dips when playing PUBG Mobile. These frame drops may not be a big deal in casual games but in PUBG games such dips can cause death. The good news is that you can now setup PUBG on low RAM devices by editing the config file (where you don't have a rooted device) or install the GFTX Tool app(rooted devices only)

Setting up PUBG Mobile on Low Ram Device by Editing Config Files (non-rooted devices):


  • A root file explorer (recommend ES File Explorer)
  • PUBG Config Converter (download)


  1. Once you have downloaded and installed a root file explorer you wish, locate the PUBG Mobile User custom.ini file. This file can be located under:
    Android/data/com.tencent.ig/files/ UE4Game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/Config/Android
  2. Open the file to edit values, to do this change its extension to .txt and open with a notepad app. Use in-built ES Note Editor where you are using ES File Explorer.
  3. You'll are welcomed with a couple of numbers and letters, neglect them. The PUBG Config Converter comes to play here. Copy the values scripted after +CVars=, and paste them in the top bar of the converter and press decode.
  4. After the converter has decodes the entry, you can now edit the values. Make sure editing the values influencing the game's performance only, including quality, shadow, bloom, depth of field, refraction, etc.
  5. After editing the values, copy the new setting and encode again and paste on the same spot it was copied. It may sound tedious believe me, the effort is worth it.

Repeat the process several times to change all the settings to the least to get the best performance on a low-end device.

Setting up PUBG Mobile on low RAM devices Using the GFX Tool App (rooted devices only):


  • A rooted Android device
  • GFX Tool App (download)


The second method is for rooted devices and is simpler and on point. GFX Tool app is used in this case, which can be downloaded from the link. Once downloaded follow the below steps on your device;

  1. In contrast to the earlier method for non-rooted devices, the GFX Tool app is handy and offers a simple interface from which one can adjust the PUBG graphics settings.
  2. Configure the GFX Tool and tap the 'Accept' button. The button redirects you to 'Run Game', tapping it takes you right into the game!

You can use the individual setting in case you dislike the aforementioned settings. Here is a quick guide:

  • Version: This setting is easy. Choose the PUBG Mobile version you're running.
  • Resolution: The setting allows you to scale down the resolution, and will improve performance. Nonetheless, put into consideration screen size before selecting a low resolution, as you can make the game difficult to play.
  • Graphics: While PUBG Mobile offers varieties of graphical settings, you cannot change all settings. This option enables super low graphics although not available by default. If you decide to push the limits, you are sure getting high graphics but with a cost of FBS.
  • FPS: A self-explanatory setting that allows you to choose the maximum FPS for the PUBG game. Have in mind, more FPS = more fluidity.
  • Anti-aliasing: This setting allows you the overall graphical improvement of the game, by eliminating scraggy edges from the textures. Where you enable this option, it will have a major impact on performance.
  • Style: The setting gives you the option to choose from different saturation levels and colors. The setting is purely cosmetic and neither have a positive or negative impact on the performance.
  • Shadows: This setting can be enabled or disabled in PUBG game. Disabling shadows will surely improve overall performance, you might face challenges spotting sneaky campers in the game.
  • Graphics API: Three options are available, namely OpenGL 2.0, Open GL3.1, and Vulkan. For Android 7.0 or higher devices, Vulkan Graphics API is your best bet. Either OpenGL 2.0 or Open GL3.1 can be used for older devices. Test both graphical APIs to know the one that works best for you.

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