Novel transmitter to protect wireless data from hackers

By 2020 almost all equipment will be based on the Internet of Things. But the thing of concern is the security of data that is why MIT scientists have come up with the Novel transmitter to protect wireless data from hackers. The Novel Transmitter hops each individual 1 or 0 bit per data packet, every microsecond. This is very fast enough to overcome any hacking attack.

What is Novel Transmitter

The Novel Transmitter use bulk acoustic wave (BAW) which is a frequency-agile device. BAW is the resonator which switches between an extensive variety of RF channels and sends data with each hop. Also, there is a channel generator that chooses a random channel every microsecond and sends each bit. In addition to this whole analysis is based on the wireless protocol to support ultrafast recurrence jumping. With this transmitter, we can achieve physical-layer security for connecting everything. The transmitter will be very helpful in order to prevent an attack in medical devices such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, which can be attacked easily by the hacker if the hacker wants to harm someone intentionally.


In selective jamming attack, hacker attack only one channel whereas other channel remains intact. It is very difficult to deal with such high frequency-hopping transmitters. In order to develop such a fast frequency-hopping method, scientists replace the crystal oscillator which is responsible for creating an electrical signal, with a BAW based oscillator. But BAW can cover only 4 to 5 megahertz of frequency channels that is why they introduced an additional mixer component which can combine the divided frequencies.

Now for randomizing the data scientists employed a system which can create the isolated channels over the 80-channel spectrum. Transmitter and receiver both shares the same secret key. Few figuring is done by receiver and receiver send data through a channel which has high energy. As channel selection is random, it becomes difficult for a hacker to predict the particular channel.


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