Artificial Intelligence is Reducing Sales Jobs Worldwide


The Robot Revolution will completely change the world economy in the coming years. Based on research from World Economic Forum, experts forecast that the machines by the year 2025 will be able to perform more amount of work effectively than humans. While, currently, 71% of the tasks worldwide are being performed by humans and tasks performed by robots are merely 29%.

The Robots are taking up the jobs of human and marketers are no exception. While currently, only 37% of the CPG marketing executives report positively on the use of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. And out of these, one out of three applies the Artificial Intelligence for direct consumer marketing.

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Growing Curiosity

But the consumers seem to be eager to try out the new smart marketing agents. According to a report based on the research on using robots to sell beauty products to women, more than half of them were interested to buy products from these smart sellers. Another example of the case is, most of us eagerly follow the automated recommendations from the online websites. And this has led the companies to think of using the Robots to sell out products for them.

Changing Trend

Under different circumstances, customers prefer to communicate with different characters and out of these, they prefer Robots or Artificial Intelligence over humans to interact with. This can be because of the following reasons:

  1. They feel that these Artificial intelligent characters are more realistic.
  2. The gestures and movements that these characters make amaze the consumers and make them more interested in the conversation.
  3. The appearance of the character attracts them and they tend to interact with these smart sales machines.

The race of the machine is here to conquer the sales jobs and be sure that your organization is on the starting to grab the opportunity with both hands.




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