LinkedIn Announces New Group Post Notification Feature


Last year, the professional Social Media platform, LinkedIn revamped the groups to restore the functionality back. With these minor changes, the LinkedIn groups started to clog with spams and junks. The company took an opportunity to fix the issue and kept working on improving the group features.

The company recently announced that member’s engagement in the in the groups have been doubled since its revamp. LinkedIn has also announced a new update set for its groups to encourage more engagement in the groups.

With an Aim To Increase more Group Engagement, LinkedIn Announces New Features

The new update will include the following features:

New Group Post notifications:

In order to keep the group members updated about new posts, LinkedIn is rolling out new group post notifications. The feature will narrow down the repeated notification, compiling multiple notifications in a single listing. This new update will first be rolled out only for the group admins.

Notifications for Group Posts by Connections

To generate the interest of users in the groups, LinkedIn is planning to add a feature that will notify you whenever a group discussion is initiated by their connections. You can access these new posts right from your main feeds and from notifications. Notifications for every group post can be troubling and mostly the users opt to turn the feature off. But, notifying the users of the group post by connection will bring up the interest of the users into the new initiation.

Post Review and Approval

LinkedIn is developing a new process of post review and approval that will offer a proactive method for group members to ensure only valuable and relevant content is posted in the groups.

Group Cover Page

Another feature to be added to the LinkedIn group is the addition of a group update page to personalize the group in a better way. This feature has been available in the FaceBook from quite some time now while it has added more options for the admins to customize the view of groups.

With this announcement, it is clear that LinkedIn is aiming to boost the group engagement by providing more and more features for both members and admins of the groups. Although, All these features are not currently available to use for everyone, but will be soon a part of LinkedIn groups in the near future.



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