Is it necessary to remove Wisdom Teeth


What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that most of the people get in their early twenties or when they are a teen. Sometimes these teeth can be a good asset to the person's mouth when it healthily and properly aligned in mouth, but more often, these teeths are misaligned and they require removal from mouth.

Is it Mandatory to remove it?

It is not always neccessary to remove wisdom tooth.

Indications to remove a wisdom teeth:

  • It is Partially Impacted
  • Improper position of Tooth (It is not erupting in a straight line unlike other teeths)
  • There is Lack of space in the mouth for the tooth to come out
  • Wisdom tooth is causing problem to the adjacent tooth in some way
  • Person is facing Excruciating pain, Severe Pericoronitis and swelling. It should be removed immediately without any delay
  • There is a Decay in a partially erupted wisdon tooth
  • Completely impacted wisdom tooth but it is troubling the root of the adjacent tooth in mouth
  • There is some Occlusal disturbances




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