How to Install Minecraft Mods and get Unlimited Money


There is no limitation on what we can do with Minecraft’s mods. Mods are the modification that will create extension of Minecraft or any changes in that. The creator of these changes is the player who want special feature in the accepted official game. On the other hand, resources packages are the images that will replaces the original in Minecraft so that object will look different. Let us discuss, some of the best Minecraft servers that will help in playing mods without installing them. Following images will show the examples what we can achieved with mods: In this image, first image shows classic Minecraft without mods, on the other hand, second images shows graphic mod of Minecraft. This difference is somehow amazing.

Steps followed to install Minecraft Mods

Minecraft mods is installed manually; we have to open original game files called Minecraft.jar, then copy the mod, and after that delete the folder called META-INF. This is not available in the latest version of Minecraft. Minecraft Forge is one of the tool that is added to Minecraft that makes it possible to create and install every kind of mods. It is updated regularly and we don’t need to modify its original files.

1. Make a back file

Before making any modification, we have to make backup of Minecraft worlds. Just open file explorer, type %appdata%, and press Enter. Then proceed to Minecraft folder or file and click on saves.

2. Downloading and Installation of Minecraft Forge

We have to download the latest version of Minecraft Forge. After that, double-click on the file and start the installation. Here is the link for downloading Minecraft Forge-

3. Downloading and Installation of mods and its resource packages

To find mods could be tricky. We always have to be aware of the possible viruses and scams. Some of the specific mods might be obsolete and will not work. On the other hand, few of them are not compatible with other mods. If we download mods only for forge then we have to be avoid these problems.

4. Copy the files to Mods folder

Now, Press Window + R to open Run window and type %App Data% and pressing Enter. Now, copy the file where we have downloaded in mods folder. When we again open the Minecraft, Forge will check the folder and looks for any changes.

It's time to play, now run the Minecraft and enjoy the mods. Each mods have different controls and interfaces. We are recommended to read the instructions and try to come in original mods website or text files.


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