How To Win Doodle Army 2 Game Always Tips and Tricks


Win Doodle Army 2 Game Always Tips and Tricks

The game is designed in such a way that players can grow steadily and upgrade their character with time. There are tips and ways to win the doodle army 2 game every time you play.

Applying this set of rules will enable you to have access to important components like health, ammo, and weapons. Newbies and low-level starters end up being killed due to inexperience.

Here are various ways you can apply to ensure constant winning:

Trick to win doodle army Always

No matter how skilled and trained you are, do not enter combat with a high-level soldier.

To impact on enemies use only powerful guns. For instance; At a close range use Spas 12 and Shotguns, while at medium range AK 47, Uzi and M4. For long distance employ grenades and rocket launchers or sniper rifles. Jetpack bar should be kept full all times to enable easy flight when the need arises.

At low health commit suicide rather than being killed by enemies to gain points.

To win a point at every match try the mini-militia. Many mini militia mods are available on the internet i.e. Mini Militia Pro Pack, Mini Militia, god Mod, Mini Militia Mega Mod, Mini Militia Unlimited Health, etc.

Be efficient and effective in the use of smoke grenades and chemical grenades when in the air, and opponent waiting below when playing the doodle army 2 game.

Search for the Media kit to enhance life when hit. Keep track of its location when on full health or stay close.

Always change weapon when ammo is low as you can be attacked when attempting to reload. Defending or offensive play is best using the shield and gun as a combination. The rocket launcher is best in attacking many opponents at a location to clear the field. Hide behind obscure locations like bushes to attack without your opponent seeing you.

Vote different choice of maps as the decision comes as per the majority's choice. Switch to the first action mode when close to the opponent as your weapon is not useful at this stage.

Final Word on doodle army 2 games:

You can sure to be on top ranking in no time by following these tips. Constantly practice on how to stay alive in battles to win points and credit. Your officer becomes stronger and immune to death as you upgrade higher.


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