How To Hit Six on Every Ball In World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) Game


Hit A Six on Every Ball in WCC2

World Cricket Championship 2 mobile game is difficult to master. Hitting spinners for sixes and batting is difficult if a player is a beginner and becomes difficult as one progresses to higher levels. Seeing those sixes in the slow movement is a hilarious experience. The cricket game has 3 levels; easy, medium and hard level. The easy and medium levels have a timing meter in the right top corner, swipe on the side you want to hit the six when the meter turns green. Hard level has no meter, you will have to strike at the right time. An easy technique to hit the six is to swipe when the ball pitches on the ground and make sure the loft option is enabled. Hitting a six in every game requires a lot of mastery. There are ways to achieve these as discussed below:

WCC2 game Hit Six on Every Ball

Master the control of the bat; to achieve this practice the swiping movement on the screen needed to hit shots. There are two types of shot; lofted and ground drive shots, knowing when to use either or both will increase your chance of hitting a six in every game of cricket.

To hit a six in every game will require you take critical decisions on which players to send as opening batsmen for your team and deciding over batting order. Effective fielding formation also needs consideration, to achieve hitting a six in every game of cricket.

There are 3 formations; defensive formation, best for the middle order game. The fielding formation recommended for use during the earlier stage of the innings and the custom formation which is best for all styles of play; Knowing when to use them is very important. Last, bowling with maximum accuracy will assist the feat of hitting a six in the game. Familiarizing with the bowling mechanics is important to excel past a certain point in the game.

By default, every player in the team has an equal amount of fast, spin and medium paced bowler. You can customize the team squad line up and select more bowlers of the type you feel comfortable to play with Hitting a six is achievable all that is required is the continuous practice, formation, and accuracy, "practice makes perfect".


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