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Tips and tricks for Hello Cat Solution

Hello Cats is a puzzle game for the IOS and Android platforms. In this game, you capture, give water, or knock the cat off its position. You can build shapes to accomplish a mission, unlock new cats, and contend for three stars at all level, the toughest ones inclusive.

Paying attention to physics of the level before building a shape is very important.

The shape can either drop into the water or onto a lever to knock off the cat from a platform. It could also roll off a hill or be put onto a rocket. You see different shapes when moving further levels through the game.

Get a gem to unlock all kinds of new cats in the game including rare, special and normal ones. You get gems for every level you beat; the more stars earned, the more gems you gain. After a level, with an internet connection, a video offer for more gems pops up, and any time you go to the gem store, you have access to watch a video for 200 free gems.

Heading to the cat store with the boxes, you can spend gems on a box, or watch a video to get a free box. All box comprises a piece of a cat; the higher-tier the cat, the more expensive the box. Every cat plays the same way, but look different, while the rarer cats are harder to capture. To get four pieces of the same cats, you must unlock all the cats together.

To win the level a shape doesn't have to look perfect. All that it requires is to get the job done and can be achieved with a certain number of moves. The lesser the moves to complete a level the more stars you earn. Completing the level within the minimum moves will earn you a three-star score.

When you begin a level and a treasure box appears next to the cat; after the level, you will watch a video ad to open a treasure chest. Open the chest and spin for several prizes. Parts are for varying numbers of gems. The other Part is for boxes; three for the 100-gem box, and one for the 300-gem box containing the rarities. Grab the offer any chance you get.


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