Galaxy M10 Most Common Issues & Problems And Its Solution


If you google for the best 4G phone in India in 2019, Samsung Galaxy M10 would be among the top ones in the list. This is undoubtedly one of the best phones of this year and it has also been in as much demand by the consumers.

However, it is a fact that every phone has certain common problems. So, here we will be providing you with the fixes to address the issues of Samsung Galaxy M10.

Galaxy M10 Most Common Issues & Problems - Its Solution Fix and TIPS & TRICKS

  1. Samsung Galaxy M10 WiFi Connection Problem:
  2. This is one of the common issues that the users have been complaining about. This can be resolved by following those steps:

    • One of the solutions is to restart both the phone and the Wifi router.
    • Check if there is no obstacle between the phone and the router and if the distance between them isn’t too much.
    • Toggle the airplane mode to off and then back to on and try connecting again.
    • Some Routers have a limit on how many devices it can Connect. Please check if your Routers Device Limit is Reached.
    • Try Connecting your Phone to Some other Router or Hotspot Connection, to identify if the issue is of your Router or Device

    If none of the option works, you will have to take your phone to nearest Service Center.


  1. Samsung Galaxy M10 Mobile Data Not Working:
  2. This problem can be resolved by following these steps:

    • First thing you can try is simply Power Off your Mobile, wait for around 2-3 minutes and then start it again. Wait at least 20-30 seconds after enabling the Mobile Data.
    • Alternatively, toggle the Airplane Mode off, wait for sometime and then turn it on.
    • Also, you can go to the Network Settings from the Settings menu and check if your service provider details are correct. If you have doubts connect with your Mobile Network Provider and ask him/her to resend you the configs again, don't worry its free. Once you receive the new config, install it and restart your device.
    • If none of these work, try your sim on another mobile to find if sim is faulty. If mobile network doesn't work in another mobile too, then something wrong with your Network Provider. Try Contacting your Mobile Network Provider. But if Sim is working in another Mobile, take your phone to Service Center.


  1. Samsung Galaxy M10 Low Battery Life:
  2. Most users complain of a low battery life of the phone when it might sometimes be their usage pattern which might be creating this issue. This can be resolved by following these steps:

    • First remove any third-party apps that you might have installed.
    • Turn off GPS and location services when not needed.
    • Uninstall apps which need background services to keep running.
    • Turn on the Battery Saver from the phone Settings and Power Settings option.
    • Use mobile data only when needed.
    • Try Closing all background apps once their use is done.
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