Digital Car Plate Numbers Can now Alert Police and Ambulance Services


Digital Car Plate Numbers

Fascinated by the idea of multi-functionally smart number plates? The Dubai government has something on the cards that might stir your interest. This mold-breaking technology is yet to undergo the first round of tests, so the fine-details of its technicalities are still forth-coming. But we've gathered all the exciting details that have been released so far about this automobile innovation in this article.

Dubai continues to establish itself as an international technology hub in amazing ways. For years now, it has played a pivotal role in the frontiers of transport initiatives.

Digital Car Plate Numbers

The latest in this series is the smart number plates. It's a product of a collaboration between the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) and Tag2Connect.

Dubbed 'tag to connect', this soon-to-be replacement for the traditional metal plate is basically a smart screen device. It completely eclipses it's traditional counterpart in terms of functionalities. It comes with a connectivity software that features a GPS system and an internet connection.

This connectivity system is also designed to alert the police and ambulance centers about emergencies such as accidents and thefts. Emergency management facilities and police, respond to these signals in a manner which facilities swift communication.

The Trial Phase

The trial run for this innovation is set to see to cars being driven around fitted with smart plates that have GPS, transmitters, and digital screens. Scheduled to commence in November, this dry run is set to test how this technology can be impeccably implemented in Dubai's desert climate.

However, the functionalities in the smart plates will facilitate live communications between the drivers who share information about traffic situations across city ways. The 'tag to connect' moniker alludes to this inter-connectivity capability of the smart plates.

Ways in Which Digital Plates Can Change The Face of Transportation in the World
  1. Expediting Real-Time Communication Between Drivers: Smart plates come with software that allow for communication between drivers. This channel of communication can cut down commute duration and forestall road congestion by alerting drivers to direct them away from traffic jams beforehand.
  2. Reporting Car Thefts: The digital plate sports a screen which allows car owners to turn on displays that signal distress when the vehicle or smart plate is stolen.
  3. Automating Registration Plate Renewals: The devise is also designed to assist drivers with their vehicle plate renewal. With the smart-plate installed installed in their vehicles, car owners need not visit a transport authority center to renew their vehicle plates. This digital plate is renewed automatically after the car passes the vehicle test.
  4. Automating payment of fines and parking tickets: The digital plates can also facilitate the payment of renewal fees, parking fees, and fines by automatically deducting money directly from owners' bank accounts which are synchronized with the digital plates.

Also, the transportation authorities can deploy this devise as a data collection apparatus to help shed more light on the interactions between road users, among a host of other road traffic variables.

But this application, which allows the transport regulators more oversight over the activities of road users, stirs the pot with regards to privacy as well as information security.

Look out for this fascinating innovation that is set to transform the world.


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