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Javascript code can be run in Safari on iOS devices with the help of desktop Safari Web Inspector. One can reduce lot of developing time by running the javascript code on ios platform. Here are some of major steps involved in debugging process of the javascript program in Ios devices.

  1. Analyse Error Report
  2. Connecting your Device
  3. Explore the working of Web Inspector
  4. Add breakpoints to your Code
  5. Step through your Code
  6. Examine the state of your Application
  7. Fix the Bug!

javascript in Ios

Detailed explanation of Debugging javascript in iOS devices

  1. Enable Developer Tools in Safari

  2. Go to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Then Enable Javascript.

  3. Enable Web Inspector in iOS

  4. Now enable the "web Inspector" in ios in the same way you have done above procedure, through this you will be able to debug the javascript program on your iPad or iPhone, you can also use iPod Touch over USB. Turn on Web Inspector. Open setting and select safari and go for advanced option and then Enable Web Inspector.

  5. Connect and Debug

  6. Once you finish setting, you can start debugging. For this connect your iPad to your Computer over standard USB cable and open Safari. Now your device will appear in "Develop" Menu.

Now select the browser tabs in Safari "Develop" menu that you want to Debug. The Web Inspector will now open and we're ready for debugging. This Web Inspector window provided on your ipad or iphone that gets updated everytime you reload the tab. You can set execution steps and breakpoints for debugging the javascript code in your ios device. It is always recommeneded to look in console first for debugging.


This article provides the step by step guide to debug javascript code in ios devices. Once you finish all the setup you can debug any kind of script on your Device.


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