5G is all set to transform the automotive industry’s business models


As the world is moving towards an autonomous ecosystem, vehicles are also getting a lot of upgrading to match up to the innovations. The vehicles are being integrated with various sensors that act as ears, eyes and tactile senses along with situation awareness and positional accuracy just like a driver.

With the advent of 5G technology, the business model of the automobile industry will transform. Vehicles will be able to provide a higher security level to the passengers by exchanging numerous amount to information related to speed, road, traffic status, and the condition of the vehicle in real time. To make the vision of autonomous vehicle realistic, the telecommunication, automotive and tech industries need to work collectively to resolve infrastructure, network coverage, security, standardization, and privacy issues.

5G is all set to transform the automotive industry’s business models

Some of the important benefits of 5G technologies in the automation of automotive industries will include:


Collision and emergency brake warning, lost control or abnormal vehicle warning, emergency vehicle warnings, Augmented Reality and see-through imaging displays can be some of the safety benefits in the near future.

Information about Vehicle

The vehicles will be able to share important information with other vehicles that would include traffic status, speed, conditions of the roads ahead and other such real-time information.

Vehicle Control

Speed advisory, Traffic signals status, road congestion management, cautionary vehicle platooning, sensor information, warnings of traffic rules violation and advanced signage system are some advancements that we can see with 5G development in the automotive industry.

The future of the automotive industry will see cars connected to the Internet of Things, analyzing the big data that will be collected from a number of different resources. This will offer enhanced security and safety of the vehicle and better user experience.


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