10 Big-Data Trends to look forward to in 2019


Big Data has already captured its place among the savviest of technologies of the twenty-first century, but this year in 2019, Big Data has some big trends that we all need to be aware about.

10 Big-Data Trends to look forward to in 2019
  1. Proliferation of Data Silos – After the widespread popularity of Hadoop, an idea about data consolidation came into being, and there has been no looking back ever since. Cloud storage has taken off quite well, and Hadoop provides ample storage for unstructured data. These storages are clubbed as silos and most companies have been using them. Well, 2019 I going to see more proliferation of these silos.
  2. Integration of IoT with Machine Learning – The entire aim of this trend is focused on providing an appropriate response mechanism for a variety of issues and ensuring seamless human interaction. In 2019, we can expect significant progress in the light of this trend.
  3. Use of Artificial Intelligence Platforms – This is a massive improvement in the implementation of Business Intelligence so as to provide proper communication to Data Scientists and other staff by significant reduction in the costs.
  4. The Role of Data Curator – Managing and maintaining data by making the best use of it is the role of a Data Curator. Thus, this trend is a huge leap in the domain of analysis because it provides understandings and usages of developing a work-around across various datasets.
  5. General Data Protection Regulation – In the world being taken over by the common domain of internet, privacy is a privilege. So, handling of personal data and user privacy is another big trend of Big Data to look forward to in 2019.
  6. Political Trends – Along with the issue of privacy comes the question of consensual data sharing and simultaneous processing of operations across various Governments. Thus, since Big Data simplifies the process of protecting privacy, a myriad of political trends revolving around the use of Big Data are to be looked forward to in 2019.
  7. Hybrid Clouds – They combine an organization’s data of the public cloud with the private cloud, thus offering the pros of both. ‘Cloud bursting’ is one of the prominent features of Hybrid Cloud and the advantages available for storage space can again be a trend on the rise in 2019.
  8. Streaming Analytics – In the twenty-first century, there has been a burning need for super-fast processing of incoming data and automated decision making. This technology when combined with SQL capabilities in frameworks which support open source streaming can be a breakthrough trend in 2019.
  9. Deep Learning – With new ways to implement powerful technology and the rise in the usage of neural network algorithm, it is safe to say that deep learning frameworks are on the verge of being implemented soon.
  10. Kubernetes – Big Data software vendors used to execute their programs on Hadoop. But recently, Kubernetes has taken over as the preferred platform for the software to be run because of its multi-cloud and hybrid deployment mechanisms. So, this is another trend to look forward to in 2019.

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